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No Ordinary Girl

No Ordinary Girl

Presented by Wakefield, Vogrig & Boote Lawyers

A Pharaoh's Secret Angels experience you won't want to miss...

This October, Pharaoh's Secret Angels will be hosting an exclusive fashion show, and we have secured a venue that is worthy of awe to host the occasion - Violet & Ivvy in Warragul.


Over the course of the night, our show will be run by 3 local fashion houses, showcasing various styles that will be sure to capture your eyes. It is a rarity that you can have a fashion experience like this in Warragul.


This will be an exclusive event, tickets are limited to 150 lucky guests to join us for the evening. Guests on the night will also be wowed by the stunning products sold by Violet & Ivvy as well as having access to the venue's bar - with a focus on creating a premium, memorable experience.

Get tickets

Tickets to this event are extremely limited - don't sit on the fence, be sure to get your tickets as soon as possible otherwise you are likely to miss out. Tickets are on sale now, click below to buy today!


The Angels have been working hard in the background to secure a bunch of great prizes, vouchers and other goodies that you could win.


Tickets for our raffle are available online, on the night, or by reaching out to your favourite Pharaoh's Secret Angel to buy in advance.


Brought to you by one of our major sponsors HockingStuart Real Estate (previously Quirks), this is your opportunity to buy a key to our treasure chest for your chance to win $1000 of cold hard cash.



We have some huge experiences up for grabs on the night of the event, these will be available via a live auction on the night of the event.


All profits from the auction will be donated directly to West Gippsland Hospital's Oncology unit - meaning you get an experience, while the Oncology unit gets equal benefit.

Experiences like this don't just happen...

We'd like to take a quick moment to showcase & thank the many sponsors that are helping Pharaoh's Secret Angels in making this night happen.

Teal Sponsor:


Gold Sponsors:


Curves & Kisses


Silver Sponsors:

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