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Geoff's big chop

Pharaoh's Secret Angels are proud to be supporting Geoff Curley in donating his hair to the Hair with Heart initiative, allowing it to find new life by being made into a wig for someone who has lost their hair due to a long-term medical condition. High-quality wigs can cost thousands of dollars to make, and the Hair with Heart initiative removes this barrier for people battling cancer - or another long-term medical condition.



Some words from Geoff's family

A few months ago my husband Geoff said it was time to get his long locks cut off. We decided it would be a great idea to donate his hair,to make a wig for cancer patients. We also really wanted to raise some money for our beautiful friend Liza's page. Pharaoh's Secret Angels. Liza fought a long hard fight and was a true inspiration to all that knew and loved her. I know Liza will be looking down on us, cheering Geoff on as the scissors snip away. We love you Liza XOXO


Why Hair with Heart?

Pharaoh's Secret Angels are proud supporters of organisations that help create a better life for people living with long-term illnesses. Hair with Heart support people living with conditions such as alopecia and trichotillomania, and temporary hair loss, including kids undergoing treatment for cancer.



When will it be happening?

It's coming quickly - Saturday the 26th March at 4pm.


How can you help?

Donate today! While Geoff is donating his lucious locks to make a wig, you can donate to Pharaoh's Secret Angels to help us keep fighting the good fight.


Pharaoh’s Secret Angels raise funds to improve the lives of people receiving treatment for cancer in the West Gippsland Community.  


Our fundraising supports the West Gippsland Hospitals Oncology Unit and has helped to purchase medical equipment and patient programs that improve comfort and care for people living with cancer. 

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